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Throughout its history, Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture has produced highly lauded, research-driven spatial outcomes with real-world impact. Our approach is distinguished by its direct engagement with the social, environmental, pedagogical, and professional challenges of our time. We develop and deploy contextually integrated methodologies that range from the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary to the historically progressive and theoretically generative. We partner with city and government agencies, community groups, academic and cultural institutions, and construction industry leaders to create outcomes that are positioned to powerfully advance pedagogy, public policy, and professional practice.
Envelope Retrofit Guide: Net-Zero Strategies for Existing BuildingsGabrielle Brainard, AIA CHPCVisiting Associate Professor, Undergraduate Architecture
(Climate Action)
Interviews with Esteemed Faculty: Theoharis David
Qualitas Health
Lower Rio Grande Valley, New MexicoAne Gonzalez LaraAssistant Professor, Undergraduate Architecture
(Community Agency)
Material UrbanismJonas CoersmeierArchitecture and Urban Design (MSAUD)
(Intensifying Forms)
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