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Throughout its history, Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture has produced highly lauded research driven by a desire to achieve real-world impact. Our ongoing research is characterized by its engagement with social, environmental, pedagogical, and spatial design challenges. It adopts many approaches, from practice-led and interdisciplinary design research to the historically charged and theoretically generative. In many examples, our research involves partnerships with government agencies, community groups, and an international network of academics.
Pavilion Play,
Pollinators PavilionAriane HarrisonVisiting Associate Professor, Graduate Architecture & Urban Design
(Social Justice)
This is Not a Hat, This is an ElephantAndy Kim, Tom XiaDegree Project, Student
(Student Research)
Qualitas Health
Lower Rio Grande Valley, New MexicoAne Gonzalez LaraAssistant Professor, Undergraduate Architecture
(Community Agency)
Sensor Control of Anamorphic Window
Other Optics + Participatory PerspectivesJonathan ScelsaAssociate Professor, Undergraduate Architecture
(Typological Futures)
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