Atelier Architecture 64_Sky High

NEWS: ‘Sky High’ by Atelier Architecture 64 Featured on Honest Buildings

‘Sky High’, a trampoline park designed by Atelier Architecture 64, has been featured in Honest Buildings. Honest Buildings is a software platform focused on buildings. It brings together building service providers, occupants, owners, and other stakeholders onto a single portal to exchange information, offerings, and needs. It provides a voice for everyone who occupies buildings, works with buildings, and owns buildings globally to comment, display projects, and solicit business with the macro goal of creating a more sustainable environment.

To read the article, visit the Honest Buildings website.


Atelier Architecture 64 is a Brooklyn-based architecture firm, co-founded by Stephanie Bayard and Phillip Anzalone. It specializes in integrating established and advanced materials and processes; a collaboration between traditional craft and advanced technology. They focus on how new materials and technology can enable architectural design through innovative practice, while critically examining the contemporary and traditional means of production.

For more information on Atelier Architecture 64, visit their website.