Chu, K


Undergraduate Architecture


ARCH-403 Advanced Design III
ARCH-581A Arch and the Globe Brain


Originally from Myanmar and educated in the US, Karl Chu is an architect involved in the research and development of a general ontology of architecture that is grounded in a metaphysics of modality: the construction of possible worlds. As the world culture accelerates into the 21st century, which is increasingly propelled by the convergence of computation and biogenetics, his work is focused on (1) the transformation of the prevailing paradigm of architecture, which construes architecture as a subset and an extension of anthropology, into a post-human conception of architecture, and, (2) a computational monadology of architecture that addresses and incorporates issues that are related to the near-emergence of planetary computation: the global brain. Toward this end, he is developing a conception of architecture that is based on a dialectical orientation with regard to the evolution of architecture: a dialectics of contingency and necessity on the one hand, and a dialectics of abstract foundational issues with concrete application on the other. In addition, he is known for inventing and formulating the concept of ‘genetic architecture,’ which he explores from a software orientation (as opposed to hardware fabrication). His work on genetic architecture is part of the development in morphogenesis that underlies evolutionary/generative systems, and as such, they are implicated in the construction of possible worlds. Underlying this general orientation of architecture is the tension between epistemology and ontology of the (inconsistent) multiple. Recognized as one of the forefront thinkers in the field of architecture, he has published his work in numerous journals and magazines, and has exhibited his work all over the world. He was the founding director of the Institute for Genetic Architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University. His two books will be out later this year: Planetary Automata, and Labyrinth of the Continuum. He is currently part of the second phase of the exhibition to be staged in May, 2014 at the Canadian Center of Architecture titled: Archaeology of the Digital.



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