PROFILE: Meredith TenHoor

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Architecture

ARCH-151 History and Theory of Architecture 1
ARCH-152 History and Theory of Architecture 2
ARCH-251 History and Theory of Architecture 3
ARCH-252 History and Theory of Architecture 4

Meredith TenHoor teaches architectural history and theory at Pratt and coordinates the history and theory curriculum in the Undergraduate Architecture department. Her academic research examines how architecture, urbanism and landscape design participate in the distribution of resources (as a form of political or biopolitical economy) and in recent years has considered how designers use both food as a means to rethink the media and politics of practice. As a former software architect and database designer, Meredith also works on digital humanities projects, and writes about technology and technocracy in architectural culture.

Recent publications include the books Governing by Design: Architecture, Economy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012) with the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative and Street Value: Shopping, Planning and Politics at Fulton Mall (Princeton Architectural Press/Inventory Books, 2010) with Rosten Woo and Damon Rich; a dissertation, “The Architecture of the Market: Food, Media and Biopolitics from Les Halles to Rungis” at the School of Architecture, Princeton University, about the design of food distribution systems in postwar France, as well as lectures, articles and book chapters about markets, food, biopolitics, and urbanism.

Meredith is the Chair of the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative, a group devoted to advancing scholarship in architectural theory and history in an interdisciplinary context. In 2013, she supervised the design of new website for the discussion, work-shopping and publication of advanced research in architectural history and theory at Meredith produced two exhibitions about the politics of development in New York, Brooklyn Exchanges and Values and Variety (2005-2009) in collaboration with the Center for Urban Pedagogy and the graphic designer David Frisco. Meredith also contributes design work and does occasional performances about architectural history. Her work has appeared at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, the Rotterdam Architectural Biennale, The House of World Cultures in Berlin, common room, and the Metropolitan Exchange. She has also organized lectures, dinners, a library, and a community supported agriculture program at the Metropolitan Exchange and other venues in New York.

Meredith has received grants and fellowships from the Mellon Foundation, the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust, the Denniston Hill Foundation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Canadian Center for Architecture, and the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy and the Council on Regional Studies at Princeton University. Prior to focusing on architectural research, Meredith made films, videos and installations about the politics of urban and technological transformations, studied philosophy and media theory in Paris, and worked for ten years as a software architect, database and interface designer.

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